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Originally Posted by Redwards_13 View Post
If you ask me to trust you, I most certainly will, I'm assuming you guys know a lot more than I do (which really isn't much) so I appreciate your input, any idea how much more approximately it costs to run 91 instead of 87? Lets just say you drive 15k/year (kms)
Aren't you a student? That's about as basic as math gets.
Lets say you get 23 mpg average (sorry have to do this in miles) with 91 octane. Generally 91 costs 20 more cents per gallon so ill use my local fuel prices. You're going to get about 21 mpg with 87 let's just say.
So 91 costs $3.40/gal and you drive 7,500 miles per year. That's $1.108.69 per year
87 costs $320/gal and you drive 7,500 miles per year. That's $1,142.86 per year

In my example not only are you spending minimally more to "save" money. You're putting your engine more at risk for long term damage.
I'm not saying your engine will blow up running 87. It won't. What I'm saying is you attempt to save money will NOT actually save money and could potentially cost you money in repairs long term. Not worth it I hope you see now.

My advice to you is switch to running 91 if possible (you gain nothing from running 93)
Replace your air filter, make sure your tire pressures are spot on, and just drive carefully to get the best mileage.
Maybe even run through some chevron techtron if they have that there. Bmw recommends it and I do as well every 20k miles or so.

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