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Originally Posted by carcus View Post
If you are a student worried about gas money.....was a used BMW the best choice? Logical sense to me would be getting a Honda that runs on cheap gas, gets better MPG and cheaper to repair. Just speaking fiscally here since you brought up saving money on gas.
Well I'm certainly no peasant farmer... I've worked since I was 12 years old and managed to make and save about $20000, so I was able to buy a BMW, instead of a 96 civic rice rocket; and no matter how well off you are, you try to save money wherever you try to. I kinda figured that was sort of an obvious point, didn't really expect a snide response but apparently my logic was off. So after taking that one on the chin, I appreciate all the responses who actually contributed some sort of useful information or opinion, and from now on I'll be running 91, and correct me of I'm mistaken, but I assumed that chevron just injected their fuel with techron so if I get gas from chevron wouldn't that constitute me using techron enhanced fuel? Same as the shell "v-power", but I may have just mistooken your statement!

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