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It's really going to depend on what's going on underneath. A new bumper is like $900 ish OEM. Give or take a few hundred depending on where you get it pained and where you get parts. Trans will be used from another car for $300 tops hopefully. Cooling system is screwed most likely radiation damaged. That's $150 in parts.
Exhaust could be destroyed. Diff could be destroyed. Control arms could be destroyed but not likely. Splash guard was destroyed and needs replaced. Trust me you want it on there for times like these. It REALLY does protect the engine.
Check the ps fluid.
Check engine oil.
Your oil pan is at risk of cracking from an impact like this as well as your steering rack and ps lines. The high pressure one is like $200 alone.
I don think it will be totaled if it runs good and rolls straight. Just hope there isn't too much damage you can't see.
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