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Because I've researched it. I've seen the pictures. Plus it's common knowledge on the forums. The cutoff is terrible. The light output is terrible. They're cheap for a reason. Ask Jake what he thinks about them.

If you're going to change your headlights either go OEM or retrofit. I know mango will disagree with me on the retrofits, but I had the morimoto's on my old E46 and the light was great and the cutoff was crisp.

Bought it from theretrofit's office in person. Asked for "E46 morimoto projector kit" and the guy knew exactly what I wanted. Didn't even say BMW. He even came back with an E46 headlight and went over the install with me. OP, since you're in Atlanta this is going to be your best bet.

Mike, they also have an online store.

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