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Originally Posted by jerseyrider View Post
Before anyone tells me to search, I already did and couldn't find a definitive answer. I apologize in advance for my long-windedness.

So, last Saturday, I replaced my water pump, thermostat, upper and lower radiator hoses, expansion tank and WP pulley. Before I did this, I had a P0128 code and figured I would do the complete overhaul instead of just replacing the thermostat. When the CEL was on, the temp gauge would sit slightly to the right of the center line. When I checked the actual coolant temp in the hidden OBC menu, it ran around 84-90 degrees. A little low due to stuck open thermostat. When the CEL would go off, the gauge would sit dead in the middle. After the overhaul the CEL was still lit but went out and the temp gauge was still slightly to the right of center. The actual temp hovered around 95 degrees C., which is normal. The CEL went out on it's own after a few run cycles but the gauge is still sitting to the right of center. I tried resetting it by performing the gauge cluster test. At first it didn't change anything but when I did the cluster test yesterday after work, the gauge went to center. Then, this morning, after the car got to operating temp, the gauge is sitting just to the right of the center line. I don't think I need to worry about this, but it bugs me because I know it's supposed to be dead center. Does anyone have any answers / solutions?

If you are obsessing over the thickness of the needle, get over it. The needle can easily be off center by its own thickness, or double, without alarm.
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