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My vehicle was produced post-OBD II change, it only has the 16 pin under the dash. The codes cannot be pulled, I don't know why.. pin 16 has power but it does not connect. I've fiddled around with the key a lot to no avail. I now realize that it takes a minute to go into limp mode because the car starts on an open loop system, not utilizing most of the sensors. Once they are in spec with where they should be, the ECU turns to closed loop, and begins using these sensors. That must be where the limp mode comes from, as when the MAF is unplugged, it is in an open loop the entire time, not just partially. One of the sensors must be off, or my DME is jacked up (which would explain the OBD II mess-up). The only thing is, the ICV and MAF are new, the TP sensors would make it go into limp mode even when in open loop, as would the wheel sensors, and I don't know what other sensors are activated only in closed loop.

Does anyone have a list of closed-loop only sensors? That would be wonderful. If the CSP sensors are included, specifically the exhaust side, then I know where I'll start. That one leaks oil and the o-ring has been replaced (unless the oil is from the nearby VANOS unit, and I'm looking at it wrong).

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