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Originally Posted by 323ifever View Post
Hey, I need some help if I can get some. I have a 99' BMW 323i.

And, here is the problem: When I turn it on in the morning or whenever it's off more than 2 hours, doesn't have to be in the morning; it will shake and theres a popping/cracking noise under the hood somewhere. Can't figure it out.

It think it's a misfire, because it accelerates on its own a little bit when in Park.

However, here's another thing: When I'm at a stop light, or slow traffic, it will begun to rough idle and it won't perform as expected. When I release the brake, and press on the gas, there is no power. The pedal is all the way down, and it only goes to 20 MPH. Which is weird. Now, this happens every other day..

Sometimes, it runs smooth, and sometimes this happens: which what I said above.

I replaced the O2 sensors, but I don't know what I can do to fix it...Please Help!!!

Ok so its vanos for sure. Could be more to it then just the vanos but i think the results will.satisfy you especially for 55$ bucks.
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