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There's not much I will add to this thread since many have already put out both the good and bad points of going with the ///M. Wes also pointed out the good with staying with the ZHP, well said Wes!

OP, if you intend to have a car for strictly daily driving then I would have to say that the ZHP is the way to go. Strictly speaking maintenance-wise, it will be alot cheaper to maintain and have for every day use. If you're looking for more power then there is the twin screw option which works very well on the ZHP. I have been lucky enough to drive one a few times and compare this to my ///M and I was very impressed by the sheer acceleration. All you would need then is to get an LSD and you'll be set.

I'm not one to say either way because I chose to have both. I spend almost 90% of the time driving my ZHP as it's my daily driver. I take my ///M out occasionally but mostly for fun. I wouldn't have it any other way If you are able to pick up another BMW and keep your ZHP then get an ///M
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