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I went this route w/ my 04' 325 xit. I asked around on a similar bmw forum and the only response I got back was from a parts supplier that wanted to sell me coil overs.

The reason for refresh was when I took it to the dealership for my inspection 2. The stealership said the rear springs were bad. The whole front end minus struts and springs were done under my extended warranty (FCA,FCAB,CV, ect..). I figure I buy a spring/shock set for the price they asked to put rear springs in for and have an indy to it. I ordered sport struts and shocks. HR Sport springs for the touring. New front mounts and reinforcements, new rear mounts and reinforcements.

I took to an indy mechanic to put them on since I a) don't have the tools b) don't have the time.

He puts all but one rear shock on because ECS tuning sent the wrong one.

I now have a effing noise from front left I am taking it to him to check out tomorrow. I didn't get spring pads could or perches could that be the reason? The ride sucks. I was expecting stiff and feeling the road. However, it is bouncy up front as ghetto'd out riced out civic.

Now I read in the other thread http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=830014 about failures galore in the rear shocks I am waiting for on back order..

I see some say don't lower a XIT some say it doesn't matter.

What is a good set up for a 325 XIT suspension wise. I want a stiffer than stock feel I don't want a bouncy ghetto'd out bmw. It only feels right when I am cornering fast as all get out.

Should I go back to stock springs? What would be good springs and shocks? I don't think coil overs would be a good option up in Detroit w/ out atrocious roads.
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