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Originally Posted by StupidUTurnTicket View Post
I just received one of these, too. I signed up just to complain about it. For others looking for people who have gotten this ticket using search engines, location of violation is "PL99 U-TURN LN" and ticket/violation description is "99-ETC SYSTEM".

I'm appealing it. I used the online form at . It looks like there's an extra $3.50 fee for using that, so it might be better to just write them a quick letter. They only give you 250 characters, also...

I'll try to respond with the result. I get the feeling that if you mention it's your first offense they'll usually let you off the hook and charge you something more like $7.50, which is much more reasonable.
^^ Awesome username! I'm all for the cause too, based on the responses on this thread, that U turn is a scam for sure, and obviously something very confusing to all motorists and an easy way for the city to make thousands of dollars a day. All should appeal.

Now, please search this forum for "prius" there is a user on this new england forum especially who was madly in love with the prius and even at one time went so far as to post some "modded" pics of said prius to demonstrate his jersey-shore-like infatuation.
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