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My car has been in the body shop for six weeks and I have been driving a little pos 2011 Nissan versa. It is a complete pile that gets the exact same mileage I get in my 325. The versa is 100 times better than a geo. I use my car for my business, and whenever anyone sees me coming in this little pile, they always ask me what the heck am I driving, and where's my BMW. My unique cars are like my calling card. They see me coming, and immediately know its me...........geo metro is definitely off the list

This is just a game for me.....if I can get a "free" mod(one that pays for itself by saving me gas money), then I'm winning the game. If I have to spend the $, i'd rather spend it on my car.....seems simple to me.

Go green for the $green$!!!!! Haha

Ps, the $6500 for the car and $7000 in mods bought me a car that NOBODY else has.......priceless! Couldn't have bought anything else for $13,5 that I look forward to driving 200 miles a day in.

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