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Originally Posted by pilot1ner View Post
Ok I'm gonna wear these Mickey thomson tires down in a week if I leave these on! I wanna put either R888 or Ps2 on but I want opinions on size and profiles. My front tire is a 35 series tire and my last size before the wide body was 30. Now I was wondering what would be better for traction: 285/35 or 295/30?? The 35 would sit low with stretching it a bit, and the 30 would be low regardless. I know either cant really handle my HP, but what would be best and sit nice. My friend has a tire mounter down the street at his shop anytime I need to puttem on for a special occasion.
I remember seeing a similar question posed to Taza once. He is convinced from experience that side wall height is more important than track width.
I believe you will get better traction from the 285/35's using the R888's.

Were the MT's proving to be a little squirrelly at speed? There is only one member here who says he never experiences any instability at very high speeds. Almost everyone else says the soft sidewalls are nasty over 130mph
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