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Originally Posted by MaverickM3 View Post
1. Hoosier A6 - usually about $600 to $700 bucks a piece at our sizes. But they do get good mileage out of them if your just city driving. I think I got 4k miles on a set if mine and they really don't see that much wear on them.

2. NT05 - Can not remember price. But I think they are in the 400 range. Personally have not tried these. But all the HPF guys who do love them.

Hope this helps.
you mean per PAIR, right? 700usd /pair?
I know the A6 is almost the ultimate for grip but sooo expensive. Both tires you submit are fine choices. But, I am pretty sure the OP is set on the compounds he is interested in. He wants advice and grip vs profile vs track width.

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