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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Kinda strange question here; I've been battling it for a while. What adjustments do you all make to your clothing when carrying IWB? I've got this Comptac that I like alot since I got it back after being re-fit, but I still find it to be fairly uncomfortable to wear. Fact of the matter is that when I add the gun/holster combo to my waistline, everything just gets super-tight and a bit uncomfortable. Retention is excellent for obvious reasons, but I'm wondering if I should be compensating by going to a larger waist size to compensate when carrying.

I'm like a 32/33 in the waist right now. I'm thinking that I'd be alot more comfortable if I went to a 34 in the waist, but I do have some concern about it. If its too loose and the belt can't properly hold the holster to my body, I imagine drawing will be more difficult due to the slack/excess movement.

Anybody have any advice regarding this? Would be infinitely easier to carry OWB, but since we don't have open carry here and I'd print like crazy, that's not an option.
What state? Printing is considered open carry?
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