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Originally Posted by RCase View Post
I unfortunately would like to provide negative feedback around a fanatic - Tayoh.

I recently posted in reply to a For Sale thread on an SOS Mirror for my 2004 E46. In this thread I offered $75 shipped to the sellers offer.

I received a PM from Tayoh shortly after this stating that he would sell me a mirror for $75 - he had read my reply, again on an SOS mirror. I sent payment and included in the note : SOS Mirror for E46 as discussed on e46fanatics.

Tayoh replied and stated , this is not an SOS mirror, just a regular mirror. He stated he could understand how this seemed misinformed (which is quite obvious given he replied in context to an SOS mirror). He asked to have some time (9/25) to find a mirror for me. I was patient, however did ask for a refund.

Fast forward another PM was sent, and no reply from Tayoh when I again asked for a refund.

I have opened a case with Paypal which is unfortunate. Had I simply purchased from the original post I would not be in this position. Fanatics beware, not everyone on here follows good practices for buying and selling. Tayoh may be a good guy, unfortunately he has taken my money knowingly misreprensenting a product and refusing to refund it.


Paypal refunded my money after Matthew Mccurry from florida, aka Tayoh refused to comment.

I highly advise that this member be removed from e46fanatics and the email address used - be banned from this forum. We do not need fanatics that steal from members.

Dissapointing that even members that have been around on this forum are shady. Buyers be cautious regardless of a users registration date!
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