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Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
I'm like a 32/33 in the waist right now. I'm thinking that I'd be alot more comfortable if I went to a 34 in the waist, but I do have some concern about it. If its too loose and the belt can't properly hold the holster to my body, I imagine drawing will be more difficult due to the slack/excess movement.

Anybody have any advice regarding this? Would be infinitely easier to carry OWB, but since we don't have open carry here and I'd print like crazy, that's not an option.
I'm a 33/34 waist and I started to purchase pants and shorts in a 36 to allow for a comfortable carry.

Originally Posted by david05111 View Post
Well it's Florida. I think there have been a few instances where they've tried to couch printing as accidental exposure, which wasn't really protected until earlier this year.

Fact is that it's probably never a good idea to print anyway...defeats the "concealed" advantage and could cause a ruckus with regular citizens and police.
Exactly what JonJon said. You are hyper aware of what is going on. Most people will think it's a cell phone or some other piece of gadgetry, if they even notice a slight bulge. Forgetaboutit.

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