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Originally Posted by pilot1ner View Post
I don't know the off set being that I dissasebled my 3 pieces and added a bigger lip. My wheels are 12" wide and a diameter of 19". My fronts are 11" and I'm running 265 35
Knowing the offset is important for anyone giving advice as it will let us know how much inside/outside clearance you have to work with. It would also be good to know how much wider your rear fenders are compared to stock. What was the main goal with the widebody? Running a wider lip or being able to fit more tire?

In the pictures from the following post, what size tires are you running in the rear and do you have any spacers installed?

edit: Just saw in your other thread you are running a 305/35/19 DR in those pictures. I would go with the Toyo R888 in 305/30/19 and call it a day. This tire should still fit fine given your current setup and it won't be as bulky. The narrower size tires will be too stretched on a 12" rear wheel and the PS2's aren't very sticky so I wouldn't consider them for your car. Then just swap to your M/T's when you absolutely need more traction for the drag strip/roll races.

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