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Originally Posted by sgoetz628 View Post
What option did you get that includes an automatically locking glovebox? Trunk and gas cap, yes. But glovebox in my car does not lock automatically, and I have most of the bells and whistles.
I've become a psuedo expert on the glove box lock. When I bought my 2004 a month ago, the glove box wouldn't open, period. Now it does, and this is what I know about the lock:

There are three positions, vertical, ccw horizontal, and cw horizontal. In the ccw horizontal position, the glovebox is not locked, even if the car is. In the vertical position, the glovebox is locked automatically when the car is locked. In the cw horizontal position, the glovebox and trunk can only be opened with a master key. This is the valet mode. You can turn your car over to the valet with the valet key and not worry about them going through your storage compartments. Nor can someone break in, open the locks from inside, and get into your trunk or glovebox.

I still haven't got mine working correctly in the vertical position. I assume that it's suffered too much wear and tear. Replacing it is a $150 parts bill. When I have to replace it, I will use a coupe lock, which is $25 worth of parts.
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