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Originally Posted by KrisBoss View Post
Unfortunately Vodyk passed away at a very young age due to a motorcycle accident

His thread is very informative and I have links on there where I uploaded and shared the required software and daten files needed to do the upgrade. You can do it yourself and it is worth the upgrade. It's a night and day difference. The smoothness between shifts is amazing, not to mention how fast the shifts are when in MODE 6 of SMG. The 3,800RPM launch control is obvious.

Glad you love the upgrade. Do yo have any clunking when starting off in 1st or 2nd gear with your stage 2 HPF clutch?
I am SO glad you posted! Thank you so much. Yes, I was stricken when I read about his passing. I am a rider too and it makes me consider my mortality. I had some one close to me made basicaly brain dead by a person who ran a red light WITH A HUGE TRAILER. My friend hit the trailer head on.
Off topic but I cant help but talk about it.

Your observations on the software is the same as my observations.

Funny you should ask about chatter. OK. Second gear: Never.

My first gear: Yes, but......

I broke my Stage 2 clutch in INCORRECTLY! I babied it. Not correct. You are supposed to break it in decisively...especially first gear from a complete stop.
firm decisive "launch" from a stand still every time in first gear should be as smooth and firm as traffic will allow. It is not supposed to be a racing start but definitely a little faster and firmer than you would normally. After a few days you can back off a bit.

This procedure "teaches" the clutch to engage more smoothly. I am told there will always be a bit of chatter, but not too bad IF you do the proper break in.

I have since upgraded to a stage 3 (same disc lapped on to a Stage 3 pressure plate, then swapped out for one of the NEW discs with the riveted center splines. I dont know if South bend pre lapped it to the pressure plate or not. A brand new flywheel was decided to be fitted at the same time (Must be OEM with the SMG and feramic).

So, I will give a FULL report on how a STAGE THREE clutch with the CSL (still intact) software will handle first gear engagements after a PROPER break in period. I was under the impression that the stage 2 chatter would subside considerably had I cleared the adaptations (which I did) and then re taught the clutch in a fresh break in period (did not get the opportunity). The first gear chatter for the Stage 3 is unknown at this time.

Even though I broke it(my Stage 2 Feramic)in all wrong the first time, I could have lived with the existing chatter. It was not horrible. Less would always be better.

A very few virtually eliminate ALL the chatter.
I think it has a LOT to do with break in...just like you bed brake pads on to a new or existing disc. You need to transfer pad (or disc material in the case of a clutch) material on to the rotor(pressure plate in the case of the clutch).

How the disc conforms plays a big part in chatter too. I think South Bend will pre LAP your disc for a nominal charge (or NO charge) if asked. Inquire about this.
It can only HELP. It is a fantastic company that goes out of their way to help.

Can you provide more precise links for DIY software and INSTRUCTIONS for CSL software for the OP who is in Europe?

Can you share your personal experience executing the job? ALL of us would be most grateful and fascinated.

This job used to cost 599 usd via ESS Tuning. Figure in costs for FEDEX too!..well over 600usd!! WOW! That is way too much!

I like Vodyk's FREE sharing idea MUCH better. God Bless his SOUL!

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