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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Maverick, your wheel and tire set up is unreal!!! I would recon to say that is one of the best all around grippy set ups I have ever seen for an E46 M3!!
My God, Man! It takes a lot to impress me these days. I am floored by the sheer presence of yards of rubber. What an EXPANSE!! I love it!

What is your HP and what gears do you have any? rear traction issues? Have you HPDE with this set up? You could reach over 180MPH at Daytona. I remember you have a LOT of HP, but I cant remember how much.

I think 19's are awesome. I LOVED my 3 piece 19's with the Uber Ballin' big lip in the back....the gazillion torx head chrome machine bolts. But I just HAD to retire the "balling look" when i went Stage 3 HPF. But, Nineteens just serve NO performance purpose. In fact they become a pretty sizable Liability. UNLESS you have a wide body like Maverick and can compensate by getting HUGE wide tracks. His tire COSTS however would bankrupt me.
A 17 inch 315mm tire with a 4.5 inch side wall has some damn good grip too! And costs a TON less than 19's. But, hey! if you can afford it, DO IT. It must look incredible on the car. Pix again ON THE CAR please! OK, OK I m jealous. There. I admitted it. LOL

It is so hard to think that a 30 profile tire has any decent grip at all. But when you combine that huge width with an A-6 compound, the result has got to be amazing. An E46 M3 WIDEBODY is the only case i can really see 19's being a "sensible"(it you have the $$) performance choice. Anything less than a wide body, 19's are never going to grip as well as 18's. A lot of money and HP(wasted by not hooking) goes up in smoke. Literally.

Piotlner, your wheel width is way to wide for the tires you are running. You are all set up to run really big wide rubber either in a wide body or specially fabricated flares front and back. You need the big tire WIDTH to compensate for your low profile. Something like what Maverick is running. The difference in traction between you two is huge.

You DO have plans to fit wide tires, right? Why have the super wide rims? You are part way there. Might as well do something like Tom did. Go for the mega flares on your fenders. That is a very cool way to go.
I find these m/t 305 on my 12" rear wheels grabbing like a muther f$&@r! Plus Jason and Saad both ran 10's without going too wide. I drive my car in the city and DD it more than racing. I want the best of both worlds, but if someone wanted to set something up I would have a fresh pair of soft rubber to burn! Also I know not to just stab the throttle when I'm not running DR.
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