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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
I did mean open carry too. You'd be surprised how many people don't notice.
This. I was extremely nervous when I first started carrying concealed IWB, I was concerned about printing, my shirt riding up...etc.

Now most of the time I carry OWB with my Raven Phantom (which is so awesome BTW). You'd think that people notice (especially a kid that's 22) but no one cares/notices.

One of the first time I OC'd it was on the way to the range...I wanted to get a slushie before hand so I stopped at a gas station and walked in. I was standing in check-out and there was a guy behind my standing on my gun side. I thought the whole time he was looking...but when it came time to leave he just nodded his head.

I was walking to my car and was getting in and I hear "Hey kid!"...Oh ****, this already?

The guy saw that car I drove and was interested in it. We talked for another 10 minutes and he eyes never wandered away from my eyes.

At that point I finally realized people are clueless

Originally Posted by dwass325 View Post
What's your measure for this? That people don't mention it to you?

Kind of hard to measure something not happening.

Edit: I'm talking about fully open carry, not concealed carry causing a bulge.
I've had one person make a mention to me that I need to cover my firearm up and it's illegal. When you encounter those people it's best to turn the shoulder and take the high road. I simply said, I'm exercising my right and continued to say, have a nice day.

When open carrying (at least in Ohio) there are alot of local PDs that believe OC is illegal. Simply remembering the ORCs (Ohio revised codes) or even keeping a copy of them will explain the laws plain and simple.

ORC 9.68 says that only the state can regulate firearms ownership, carrying, transportation, storage, possession and transfer. The only thing left to cities is zoning of commercial sales and zoning of retail establishments. Cities can still regulate the discharge of a firearm. That's about it.

Since only the state can regulate ownership, carrying, transportation, etc., any city ordinance regulating those things is no longer valid. City gun registration, assault weapons bans, open carry bans, Saturday night special bans, child safety lock requirements are all examples of defunct city ordinances.

Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
People don't notice, and it's because most of society is oblivious to their surroundings and no concept of situational awareness. I carry a gun into all "gun free" stores and locations because I'm exempted. Nobody ever notices any bulges I have on my hip, and they would call police if they did, because that's what people do here.
See my first post.

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