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Thanks CityJohn! I've put almost 1,000 miles on the car in 1 week.....and yes, I am loving it! Handles better than any car I have ever owned. I also really enjoy the linear power of that inline 6. There aren't very many miles good winding roads up here, but I've hit all my favorites multiple times since I picked the car up. My favorite stretch of winding road here is 65 miles long from Palmer to Sheep Mountain Lodge. 65 miles of great scenery (mountains, rivers, lakes, glaciers) and many elevation changes. This time of year, very little traffic (all the RVs have left the state or been put away for the winter). Nothing like some of the great roads I'm familiar with in WA, OR and northern CA (my wife and I have a couple of motorcycles stored in Seattle area).

I'll be thinking of possible upgrades to the car over the course of the long Alaskan winter. Might have some questions re suspension upgrades etc. The roads here are not in great condition (lots of frost heaves, ruts, etc), so I have to keep that in mind.

Here's one more pic of the car.....

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