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Originally Posted by Bdave View Post
Sir, I think it is absolutely fantastic!! I never would have doubted the build. I could see what they were up to from the start. I think the whole approach was most sensible. You could have gotten BURIED financially in that job by not taking the shops advice.

I cant believe I missed the entire thread. I dont know how that happened. What is the final color? I hope a white PEARL. That would look so great.

Some questions. What tire width are you limited to NOW? I am curious why you did not have the shop give you a lot more room in case you wanted to go WIDER...13 inch rims. That is a substantial investment. If it were me I would want to fit at least a 335/345mm. To me, that is a real wide body. You dont HAVE to run a tire that wide, but it is always good to have the ROOM in case a situation rises where you need the space.

You could be running the same tires as Maverick not not have to worry about a thing traction wise.
I think you have limited yourself on tire width.
Dont get me wrong. I still LOVE the job and the look. I just hope you have not limited your tire SIZE options too much.

You saved so MUCH of the OEM lines of the car! I love that about the build.
Just GREAT, pilot!

Please post final pix when ever...
Thanks Dav appreciate the words bro. I thought about it for a while and came to this conclusion..being that I knew if I went too big I'd have to have one of these kits that have the quarter panels pulled out from the original lines. Next I drive my car every day so DR realistically for everyday is out of the question. So I decided to be able to roll with something bigger like a 305/35 or 320/30. But if I wanna race 305 M/t is just fine...maybe on some 17's and some sidewalls. So either some r888 or ps2 will be fine for now i just won't stab the throttle. So that's where I'm at with my decision. And like I said if someone wants it I'll throw some new DR Ill have in my garage and lay down some rubber!

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