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Originally Posted by RidinBimmerz View Post
What I wrote was not an opinion. It was and is fact. And sure they will buy back cars with flood or frame damage. Meaning if you're smart enough to discover something that they "accidentally" let slip, they'll honor a buyback...

Come on man. Don't be so gullable. Like I said, this isnt an opinion. I send garbage cars to auction. CarMax buys them. Period end of story.

EDIT- and for what it's worth, I am not a "used car dealer" per se. I am a franchisee and sell on average 75% new / 25% used cars per month. I do not compete directly with CarMax and have no reason to divulge any information on this thread other than the fact that I wish to make someone who is so in love with them more aware of what they are truly dealing with. Don't shoot the messenger
Did you ever consider the fact that CarMax sells to other dealers? Almost 70% of what they buy never gets sold to the public by them.


As far as the rest of the haters. Great, don't buy or sell to them. You are entitled to your opinion. That is what makes America great.

The fact is they are the most successful used car dealership in history and they have treated me and everyone I know extremely well.

I was simply stating my opinion based on a long history with them AND OTHERS, I have been very happy.

I am not going to sit here and waste my time defending every comment.


Take care...
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