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Originally Posted by GlockMan View Post
Of course, everyone has different experiences, but I have actually bought from them 5 times and getting ready to sell them my 5th car, so my opinion is formed from actually dealing with them.

Often, all the features or options are not listed! You can get a lot for free. Also their inventory literally changes every day.

As far as shipping a car cross country, its is an amazingly painless process.

First you get like 30 pictures to look at plus the vin number and an auto history report. Of course you could use the vin to do your own carfax or dealership research.

After you decide you want it, you create a list of questions about the car. What is the treadwear? What brand and model of tires? Curb rash, etc. Your salesman (who gets paid the same regardless of what you buy for $5k to $95k) contacts the location where the car is for a "walk around." A buyer or inventory person at that location answer all the questions.

thanks for the feedback. One of the corporate offices is here. My in-law who works there purchased 3 cars from them and hasn't had a problem. I like to weigh my odds. My 1st Bimmer was a CPO and I had several problems but they were all fixed which is why I'm mad/sad that my car is gone. The only thing I was repairing was old parts on the car. It ran smooth. Thanks again.

Carfax is like playing lotto. You may/may not get a full report. My Acura was in an accident and it was never reported.

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