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Originally Posted by saxual328ci View Post
thanks for the feedback. One of the corporate offices is here. My in-law who works there purchased 3 cars from them and hasn't had a problem. I like to weigh my odds. My 1st Bimmer was a CPO and I had several problems but they were all fixed which is why I'm mad/sad that my car is gone. The only thing I was repairing was old parts on the car. It ran smooth. Thanks again.

Carfax is like playing lotto. You may/may not get a full report. My Acura was in an accident and it was never reported.
You are welcome.

I am actually on my way there to sell my truck.

Paid $17,999
Selling it for $12,000 4 years later.
Needs tires, brake pads, some interior trim parts, etc.

KBB trade in is:......................$9,341 (very good cond.)
KBB private party is:.............$10,896 (very good cond.)
Edmunds trade in is:...............$8,578 (clean cond.)
Edmunds private party is:........$9,725 (clean cond.)
Cheapest on Autotrader is:....$10,999

I am very happy with a $12,000 check in less than an hour total.

Let me just take this one step further. I paid $17,999 4 years ago with no negotiation and a factory warranty.
A 2009 in excellent condition is worth over $17,000 in trade in according to KBB.

In other words, the truck I bought would be worth TWICE the difference between 2007 and 2009 when I bought it.

MSRP with my options was $27,000. I paid $17,999 with 17k miles and 1 year old.

SO...It was worth well over $20,000 when I bought it 1 year old for $17,999.

Great price when I bought it AND great price when I sold it back to them.


Anyway, not every deal is perfect. There are plenty of cars they are too expensive on. It is all supply and demand and timing (like any dealership.)

But if you are smart and use thier nationwide service, you absolutely can get a great deal.

BTW, they DO pay more if you sell them a car you bought from them. I talked with my buyer first and had great rapport. He looked at my records. I figured I got a $1000 more for it. He showed me his value book, it was at $10,000-$10,500 for excellent cond.

To each their own. I am not going to answer every remark about them on here. The fact is, I have had more experience with them than every negative remark on here combined. Of course, you have to use your brain and compare to others. They are not going to just hand you money. But, there are deals out there. If a dealership in Plano Texas bought twice as many BMWs as a normal month, they are going to offer less for another one and they are going to reduce prices to sell them. It is just common sense.

I applaud them for no other reason than their great website. It is a fantastic reference tool for researching used cars if nothing else. 35,000 prices updated every minute of the day. No BS, No hidden charges, etc.

Good luck.
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