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I also have to agree with the above statement. Actually its all relatively accurate.

Females (for the most part) basically drive the crap out of their cars, not even a wax from time to time. You will find all sorts of receipts, hair thingies and starbucks sugar packets strewn about all over the floorboards. Almost all their warning lights are on, perhaps indicating some sort of catastrophé either in the near future or something that happened eons ago.

Next time you drive your girl's car, test the e-brake. $5 says that **** doesn't work properly. You know why? Because they like to engage the e-brake at the drive thru as their gettig their food and then forget its pulled up when they leave!

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Either pursue her and risk getting Mono, or don't pursue her,...stay home and use your Mano.

It's either Mono or Mano .... You decide

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