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Originally Posted by pilot1ner View Post
Yea sorry my bad. I could fit some 325's, but they look blocky as hell. I'm all about performance but my ride can't look like Joe Dirt either. Haha
You use the term "blocky" several times in the negative. I dont really understand what you mean.

Wide tires look incredible. I dont understand at all your some what narrow view of what 'flys" for decent tire appearance.

I dont know WHAT could possibly make a beautiful M3 look like Joe Dirt's car, simply by mounting a particular tire. No offense, but are you being maybe jsut a little too picky about appearance.... and letting that get in the way of performance?
Maybe I am just not seeing it.

325mm 19 inch tires would be just incredible for traction (in r888 is they have that size)...and possibly allow you to be a lot more liberal with your gas pedal.
IMO, look VERY cool when viewed from the rear. Wide is sexy, not "blocky".

Show us an example of a car running something that you think is unacceptable.
Honest. I am curious. maybe you do have a point. I would like to see.

One thing is 'for sure". Your taste is impeccable for design and DETAILS....after seeing your joint effort project come to life.....the fender flares and OTHER artistic subtle cosmetic body changes...kind of like a skilled plastic surgeon doing nips and tucks and small implants..LOL. I think that's a fair analogy. I am coming more and more to appreciate what you have done with your car. very special indeed when you sit back and look your car and where it is now...cosmetically and performance enhancements.
So, it is understandable that you HAVE certain standards set in your mind. We(I) am not 100% sure exactly what those standards are. Blocky?

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