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Originally Posted by JakeR View Post
Did not go much beyond 130, but they felt very stable. I have had another set of these that did not feel this good, but this set felt as stable as my Nitto 555's which I was running b4 when pulled 6.0. A lot of folks don't like the Nitto's but I found they performed well and lasted several thousand miles, which is better than most for me. My fronts are Toyo RA1s 245s. PSI fronts for this run was 34. To be honest, I did not check them prior to run. As for DD, its not a daily driver, I typically take out only on weekend, great strees relief......

Congrats on the record! I did not know.

Ah, 245's. yes, that should give you less rolling resistance than 265's.
If you ever want to break your own record it would not hurt to pump your fronts up a good bit in psi. 34 is fairly low. You can run max psi in the wheels for a pull or at least 40 to 42 psi which is working street pressure for SOME guys. I run what ever the max is for my fronts at the drag strip...about 50psi IIRC. I dont know what value is attained by doing that. Our Ozzie member can probably shed light on that. It is on his list of things to do for strip prep. Same would apply for pulls I imagine?

You say Nitto 555's? Not the "r's"? That is a normal street tire. And your MT's were just as stable? Interesting. It might have something to do with your MT's side wall height not being overly tall. Some guys complain bitterly of gross instability at speed with MT's...those must be ones with high side walls. I can not think of any other reason.

So, you can PUNCH your accelerator when you use MT's on a 60-130 pull? No spin at all? Cool! Great sicking ability!

Because you shared your experiences will no doubt help future owners lay down solid 60 to 130 times with their cars. Thanks so much for posting!

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