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So my 440whp a6 got totaled this past weekend, oddly enough on a drive out to sema. and I miss my old S-Chassis like a mofo, and i just so happen to have an e46 325i shell in my garage. i bought it with a blown motor, and never touched it.... Were going to drop in the spare 2.5l i have, grab some coils, and weld the diff and everything i get from parting out my A6 will be going into this car. I've been wanting to get back into drifting for a looonggg time, however just never got around to it cause my a6 ate up so much money.

So now i finally get the chance to go out and start drifting and build a drift car.... only problem, i suck. I'm going to start practicing and see how much better i can get before i need a bit more power. I'm debating weather i want to start out with crazy steering angle, or just leave it stock with a welded diff, coils, and fully gutted with a cage.

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