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Wow, KrisBoss, thank you SO much for filling in the gaps with your excellent links and first hand knowledge. Well done, sir!

It is so unusual to have so many people not believe, realize or understand just how impressive this upgrade really is.
It seems that so many people think it is all a big exaggeration..LOL.

It's their loss. We are not SELLING anything. It is not like we get some monetary reward for spreading the word.

I think a few people that read this thread MIGHT be mildly interested.

Very sound, safe PC advice too, K. B.!
BTW, do you use the device that one of your Countrymen developed?...the Sprint Booster? (sorry to assume things. ARE you a Greek National?) That thing is awesome. Expensive. That is why so few guys have one. I have had a S. Booster for quite a while and just love it to death.
It adds so much to the car on the track its not even fair I think... sometimes.

I use it on the street too. It takes a little getting used to. You cant lift and then get BACK into the throttle in first gear or the car will buck uncontrollably. Just up shift to second. Simple. That is when the S. booster is activated AND the SPORT button is pushed as well! The result is some seriously fast throttle response time!

Combine that with the CSL SMG software and you have a potent, winning combination.

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