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Originally Posted by lucky_doggg7 View Post
C'mon man, you *knew* what's up with these cars? Didn't ya? Be honest
Honestly, no.. but I went into BMW ownership "knowing" generalities and not specifics. In general they are a solid car with many positives and bullet proof drivetrains... The details of cooling systems and oil leaks I was ignorant about. I like a project and learning new cars so I was Ok with taking the leap on minimal knowledge.

Every car needs maintenance at 100K, and I find the BMW well thought out and relatively easy to work on. I also like that some parts are suprisingly cheap (like reman axles, brakes, etc). Every make / model has it's issues... the fact that you can get a whole coolant kit including radiator for less than $400 is actually quite good.

I think what makes the BMW maintenance hurt more is the higher buy-in price and the inconsistancy in quality... some items are very high quality... but they can't build an expansion tank.... it's less frustrating if you drive an econo-box where nothing is high quality.

My VR6 Jetta is still going strong at 245K with the original axles, transmission (never changed fluid), radiator, hoses, etc etc. Swapped in a 50K mile engine at 120K because the timing chain went (weak part on that auto). Everything small is failing (comfort modules, etc) but I could probably take it past 300K.

I'm going to do the cooling system at the first sign of failure, but hopefully i can stretch it out a few thousand miles.

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