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Originally Posted by Rockyminator View Post
I've actually been thinking about purchasing the sprint booster because the throttle response on my HPF M3 isn't as responsive as a stock M3. Is it easy to install? Can it be switched completely off?
I didnt need tools as I recall. It snaps in underneath the accelerator. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to remove the pedal. it is easier than it looks like at first.

I cant disable mine but i think the newer ones come with that feature. I would NEVER WANT to disable mine. Check the features.

You can vary the intensity by turning the SPORT button on or off. That still works and just adds to the effects of the Sprint Booster.

I leave the SBooster on and the Sport button ON ALL the time except when I have a friend drive the car. In case you missed my saying this: First gear is tricky with the Sport Button AND the Booster on for a brand new driver. its NO problem for me after about 10 minutes the first time i left it on. Just dont "pedal" first gear.

if you need to LIFT, then up shift to second gear or the car will buck. Or...apply the throttle again VERY sloooowly when getting back into it. I just up shift...much easier.

Don't mistake LAG for lack of throttle response due to opening of the plate in the throttle body. That is ALL the S Booster amp up the signal to the drive by wire system of opening the throttle plate. That is does very well. Only a QSV or a high compression build or a smaller turbo will help lag.
If SOME of your lag is caused by slow throttle plate opening, the SBooster will help. I know the plate even on a NA motor does not open all that fast.
The SBooster should help BOTH NA and FI motors.

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