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This is the thread I was looking to make... but looks like theres tons of posts already, so here is my contribution of some of my favorite meals. All homemade by myself, including sauces and what not. Most are paleo friendly! (Rice/some dairy are my exceptions)

PM me if you are ever looking for healthy & tasty recipes, I have a ton.

Tenderized Beef Stirfry with a Honey Soy Sauce

Hangover cure... Eggs overeasy / Bacon / Pancakes & Maple Syrup / Fruit

Meatza! Layers of Cheese/Veggies & Chicken/Pork/Pepperoni with a Ground Beef/Italian Sausage Crust

Coconut Crusted Shrimp with Salted Edamames

Chicken Jambalaya

Baked Chicken with Grape Sauce / Pesto Potatoes

Fontina Stuffed Chicken Breast with Bean Salad

Steak au Poivre, flambayed in Cognac with Mashed Potatoes/Asparagus

Chicken Diane Style

Fajita Chicken / Mashed Potatoes / Greek Salad

Ukranian Thanksgiving Dinner... proud of this one. Dressing/Perogies/Cabbage Rolls/Sausage/Brocolli Bacon Salad/Turkey

Another hangover breakfast... Fruit / Scrambled Eggs / Homemade Hashbrowns
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