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Originally Posted by bmwbob89 View Post
Why are you even replacing the inner boot? The outer is the one that fails. The inner sometimes leak at the inside clamp and all you have to do is crimpt it tighter.

I am replacing the inner boot because I'll already have the whole axle out and I will know that both boots are brand new. I just don't want to have to pull the axle out again if the inner boot does somehow tear. Besides- the inner boot kit was only $10 and I'd say that's a good price.

Originally Posted by the720dbandit View Post
Id pull the axles out and send them both to get rebuilt. It cost about $90.00 an axle, and you wont have to worry about the grease. I just had both of my front axles rebuilt. If your gona reboot them you may as well have them rebuilt. I know a drive line shop that only does drive axles and shafts. Its worth it.
I'll keep that in mind for next time- however I haven't had any vibration issues whatsoever before my outer boot tore. I'm just going to repack the joints and wait until I get vibrations again-then I will probably get them rebuilt or buy OE new ones. Actually come to think of it- I have brand new ball bearings from the last outer joint that I replaced on my passenger side axle. I ordered a new outer joint from the stealership and the threads were all screwed up where the axle nut screws on. I kept the new ball bearings and carrier and put the old ones into the defective joint, and swapped the defective joint for a new one at the stealership. Looks like I'll put those spare bearings into my driver's side outer joint. Awesome! Glad I just remembered that!
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