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Originally Posted by Mormon View Post
I own a 2001 330xi Automatic with an AA stage 1. I keep having a problem when shifting at high rpms starting in 2nd gear. Around 6000 rpm if I try to shift the transmission will hold at that rpm for around 4 seconds and then shift. after shifting the transmission light will come on and the transmission will shift rough until I turn the car off.

So I used INPA and it gave me :

146 CAN Moment interface.

Every time that error shows up its at 6176 rpm. I have changed the transmission fluid and filter. I can't find anything on that code. Please help
Is the transmission related firmware/software up to date? Has it been modified in some way?

Has your car always exhibited these characteristics or is the problem new?

Have you posed this question to the AA guys? Could it be AA related?

Are we correct to presume that shifting occurs correctly at say 5k RPM or even 5.5K and that these problems occur specifically at 6k or 6.176k?

Are you somehow "controlling" the shifts by initially selecting D4 (or whatever it may be) then moving the leaver to D3 thereby "signalling" the shift to next ratio?
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