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To echo all that's been said, I too have found that a little printing is almost inevitable, and undetectable to the untrained eye, so don't sweat it.

On the issue of sizing; I'm also a 32 inch waist, but I've been buying my pants in either 33 or 34 waist for years (I have unusually long legs, and it's extremely hard to find 32x34 pants in stores, so I buy a size up and have them altered.....except for my jeans.)

I've always worn my jeans a size-up because I don't mind a little bit of bunching up, since my shirt will cover it ( I never ever tuck in my shirt when wearing jeans)

This meant I didn't have to make any modifications to my jeans when I started carrying. I have just enough room for holster + gun, and I don't have any issues with retention or excess movement (assuming you've got a solid gun belt of course)

I can't imagine jamming a gun into my properly sized pants , I've tried it with some cargo shorts and it's pretty uncomfortable. If I have to wear nice pants, I just carry OWB and wear a Blazer.
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