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Originally Posted by JakeR View Post
Wanted to provide an update. My run was done with a brand new set of MT Et Streets 18 305s. My prior set of MTs which I ran in the spring 12' gave amazing traction for less than 200 miles, but then showed a condtion across the tread that looked like someone took a cheeze grader to them. They still had plenty of tread depth but the strange wear pattern caused them to have essentially no traction. I sent pics around at the time and the consensus was that they were likely defective. I brought them to the tire place of purchase so that they could send back to MT for an opinion. Unfortunately, they were accidently put in tire trash bin and disposed of. I then decided to try Nitto 555s. As previously posted, I was very happy with these, not quite as much stick as the MT's, but close, and lasted for about 6 months. (They also gave me a 5.6 60-130, but i had no disk in the vbox).

With cold weather approaching, I decided to try MT's again. They produced the posted 5.6 60-130 (this time w/ a disk). The MTs' were brand new and obviously exhibited great traction on Sat when I did the pull. However, went out again the next day, Sunday, and did a few quick pulls and was sliding like crazy. Sure enough, checked tires and same cheese grader effect was starting again. I know that others have had good sucssess with these tires, but this is the last set I will buy. Going back to the Nitto's. I will send pics ASAP.
I have the same cheese grader effect...I posted pics a long time ago too but here they are again...I personally hate them.

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