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Originally Posted by Wolrab View Post
You sure about that? It can easily happen in traffic. This is only the second report we've seen of melting lenses - the last guy had higher power bulbs, and this one involves a goofy mod. Stock bulbs don't have any history of melting stock lenses.
I've had it happen with a third brake light before, but I couldn't swear to the time frame. I doubt that anyone would hold their foot steady on the brake pedal for an hour. I'd put it in park (or use the parking brake if a manual) after a few minutes. If you are talking about heavy stop and go traffic, then there would be a bunch of short cool off times in there as the brake is released to move up a few feet every minute or so. The climate would be a factor too. It would be more likely to happen in the hot sun on a 100F day than in the shade on a 50F day.
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