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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
you are probably right, my bench progress has always been notoriously slow (and seems to work in spikes).

I definitely feel like I'd be getting a better workout doing 4 x 8 instead of 4x5 (and not getting to 5). No videos, when I work out with a buddy again in december I'll get him to take some

Last Shoulder workout was:

Overhead Press : 5 sets of 110 lbs x 5 reps
Seated Arnold Press: 3 sets of 40lb DB's x 8
Front Raises: 3 sets of 45lb bar x 8
Lateral Raises: 2 sets of 5lb DB's x 40 (hate this one it kills)

My shoulders are definitely underdeveloped when compared to my chest, something that I should have mentioned.

When im benching my shoulders are all the way back, chest out as much as possible, lats engaged. I don't touch the bar to my chest, I leave about 1/2 inch gap at bottom of rep... I get a injury type pain in my shoulders when I bring bar all the way down.

Under-developed shoulders are going to definitely affect your bench. Maybe you should place more emphasis on shoulders for awhile. Work your way up on the overhead/military press. I also think that you need to stray away from the 40+ rep stuff. You're not going to make progress like that. To improve your bench, you really need to improve your upper/mid back (..stabilization), your shoulders, your grip strength and your legs. When one of those areas are lacking, your bench will not be as strong.

I don't bring the bar to my chest either (..and the suggestion to do so is a bit of a misnomer). Trying to bring the bar to my chest would bring my elbows waayyyy below 90 degrees. As long as you're at 90 degrees (..or whatever point where you begin to feel the tension in your chest), you're fine. The only people that I've seen who bring the bar to their chest are...
  • ...those with really broad/tall chests/rib cages
  • ...those with short arms
  • ...those with bad form (..and watching them makes me cringe)

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