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Originally Posted by Glight View Post
Obviously dont do anything to injure yourself, but I would examine what is preventing you from comfortably bringing the bar all the way to your chest. Any time I see a bar not brought the chest the thing I always think is "NO REP"

Do you not go chest to ground on pushups either?

Strengthening the full range of motion should help to prevent injuries in the long run. How wide is your grip?
I have no problem doing it with a comfortable weight and always do touch/come very close with a pause, but because I am going heavy and at the moment do not have a spotter, I feel much more comfortable with not touching as it increases chance of injury / chance I don't get bar back up exponentially I feel.

Starting to think I should work in the 8-10 rep range until I get my spotter back in december. Last two times I asked for a spot they failed miserably at the task so I'd rather just wait for my buddy
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