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Originally Posted by Glight View Post
What are your goals? I'm sure you've posted them before but I didnt see them on a brief look back.

Both current and goals

Weight lifted?

I'm probably not a good person to advise you on a plan for anything aesthetic based but I'm happy to help with strength, form, or conditioning based questions.

Weight : 175.4 lbs this morning @ 6'
BF: Haven't had properly measured in 3 years, I'd guesstimate 15-16% (see pics)
Measurements: Don't have them, need to get this + caliper test done asap
Weight lifted:

1 Rep Maxes Calculated from last workout logs:

Flat Bench : 180lb
Deadlift: 315lb
Squat: 250lb
Press: 125lb

1 Year From Now:

Weight : 175 lbs
BF: 10-12%
Weight lifted:

1 Rep Maxes:

Flat Bench : 225lb
Deadlift: 415lb
Squat: 350lb
Press: 175lb

Hoping to gain 10 lbs muscle, while having short 2-4 week cutting cycles in between bulks of 8-10 weeks

Essentially swapping 10 lbs of muscle for 10 lbs of fat over a years time

I feel this an achievable, conservative goal for someone with my 2 years of weightlifting experience.

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