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Originally Posted by Glight View Post
What kind of conditioning work do you do / have you done / are you willing to do? What equipment do you have at your disposal?
Excuse me if this isn't your definition of "conditioning" but I currently play intense, skilled ice hockey games 1-2 times a week year round. When cutting, I cut my weights to 3 days / week and have two days for H.I.I.T. on the treadmill. At my peak I was going 1 min x 4mph followed by 1 min x 12 mph for 16 minutes.

That's about all the conditioning / cardio experience I have unfortunately. I am very interested in bikram yoga, and would still like to find a way to add it in to my routine as a supplement on a weekend day, once a week. I'm all ears for anything that will help me reach my goals.

My gym is "world class" as they advertise... I have every piece of equipment available for a standard gym, plus things like TRX bands, kettlebells, etc. Just no rubber weights, and that reverse hyper extension machine discussed on here awhile back

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