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Ok let me give you some info here....

For one, HID is just an acronym for "High-Intensity Discharge", these bulbs are filled with XENON gas... So you say you have seen the "xenon" on your headlamps, which means you already have the HID XENON projector headlights. They are 4300k temp.

If you are just trying to get your headlights to look more "BLUE", you should think about doing something else to your car. Making your HIDs a higher K like 6,000k-10,000k will only make the light output LESS bright. The stock bulb temp, 4300k is the BEST light output, there is NO reason to change them.

If you must and want the "JDM YO" look, they are H7/DS2 bulbs and I would stick with 6000k.

For the fogs, you can get a HID kit for 9006 bulb size, which you can get a cheap slim set on ebay really cheap and they look fine for fogs that you don't use all the time. I'd go with a yellow HID, but that's just me. PM me if you want more info.
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