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Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
To add to what Tampa stated...
Don't buy any ballasts from ebay. IF you need to buy a ballast for the fogs (I don't recommend a hid kit in fog lights due to the LCM not handling the load from them, possible cluster/electrical issues, poor light diffusion due to not using projectors which are needed with any hid application) then you can buy Morimoto ballasts from Those ballast are high end and will give excellent constant power, no power issues, 110% reliable, zero problems.
Just sayin... I've had $40 6000k ebay fogs on my 02 330ci for 6 months with no problems, and they have been in multiple cars for 3 years... BUUUUUT,

I honestly agree with jake in that going out of the way to purchase an HID setup for the fogs is not a good idea, like he said, there is no projector to disperse the light correctly. I just had these laying around in my storage from an old honda I had so i figured why not, and they do put out more light, I hardly ever use them though.

If I were you I'd just wait for a good deal on the e46f FS forum since your OEM bulbs are not burnt up or anything.... If you do end up taking them out, I'll take your OEM bulbs if you do want them
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