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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
I spend around 1 hour to 1 and a half hours depending on workout in the gym, and that's all weights (From routine I linked). Hockey schedule is random, usually late night weekdays (10-10:45 pm start) or same times on a friday/saturday.

What I've been doing is trying to keep hockey on a "rest" day from weights, so for instance I have hockey 10:45 PM Thursday night this week, and my usual weight routine is mon/tue, rest wed, thu/fri ... so this week I will workout mon/tue, rest fully wed, rest (hockey) thursday, then workout friday and saturday... then have all day sunday to sleep / recover / watch football etc.

If I know I am going out on a friday (something im cutting almost entirely out once winter hits) then I would workout mon/tue/wed, play hockey thursday, and finish split friday... leaving entire weekend to recover, and be hungover saturday. If hockey falls on a weekend, I do my normal routine.

Ok, so I should be throwing these exercises in during my mini cut cycles? (In place of HIIT?) or during my bulk as well? I'd like to stick to four days of weights, one day of hockey, and two rest days to leave time for rest of life things.
I would do them every day after you lift. Keep them short and heavy and complementary to whatever you lifted that day. It should help stimulate muscle growth and prevent too much unwanted fat gain. You might even be able to avoid some of the mini cuts
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