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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
Ok, I can manage that. My glycogen stores should be fried after a good weightlifting session, so I understand the reasoning I think. (fat stores for fuel)

By that merit, I should be playing hockey on a weightlifting day?

Also, my current diet consists of a 40p/30c/30f split on training days for about 3250 calories (+1000 over sedentary BMR) and 45f/40p/15c for about 2250 calories (eating to sedentary maintenance) on non training days.

Will the extra conditioning addition require a change to total calorie intake?
You'll burn more calories, but not a ton. Do you eat more on hockey days? These workouts will only be 10 minutes or so, so you'll probably only be burning 150 - 200 calories, so you probably wont need much more. They will help you to get stronger and in much better shape overall though.

I'm probably not the one to comment on diet though. I eat whatever I want and drink every day..... Some days I'm at 6,000 calories and some days I'm at 2,500. I have too much other stuff going on to worry about it.

Regarding playing hockey on lifting days.... I dont see why not. You wont have as much energy, but unless its really competitive who cares. I train pretty much everyday because I enjoy it so much, so I never really think about how I'm going to plan rest days since I dont really take them. My rest days are mostly when I have a work event or something or if I'm sick.
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