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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
We are so similar in strength it's scary. I do think you should definitely tone down your press goal though. A 50lb increase on such a small muscle is going to be very hard. I set my squat goal at 50lbs and am a little concerned I won't hit it. Only makes me want it more though.

If you need any help coming up with some conditioning workouts let me know. With glights help and my own research I think I've learned a decent amount and come up with some good workouts that are actually beneficial. I've had plenty of friends tell me they've never workout that hard, they have never felt like that, the pain the next way was crazy etc. These weren't just newbs either. I'm talking guys that have been lifting for years and capable of benching 300 + lbs. it's just something they weren't used to. The thing is that you need to keep them short and heavy. Since our goals are to be stronger/more muscular this is the way to go. Those 15-30 min crossfit style metcons will not help as much as some of the 10 minute wods I do. Which if moved to 15-30 min would literally make me pass out or I'd sacrifice intensity which makes it pointless since calories burning isn't my goal.

Oh one more thing, people will look at you and wonder what you're doing. Don't worry about them. Let them see what you did when you're sitting on the floor huffing and puffing. Btw this hurricane has made me super lazy. I intended to do a workout tonight but I'm not feeling it. Ill be back at it tomorrow and get weekend work in too.
Yeah its definitely scary, and pretty sure we have similar goals. I've read everyones stuff on here, thats what I do... read and learn and apply to my own goals. But I definitely get confused on the exercise/goals portion sometimes. I have a feeling we could help eachother immensely as we progress.

I am a creature of habit. I don't just like routines, I require them to function. I have a routine for everything, and I feel a sense of success when I follow the routine to completion, no matter how small.

For me to be successful at this, I need to have a routine for everything built up front, that I fully understand the objective etc. I'm a personal trainers wet dream, they build me a program and I follow it religiously lol.

So I kind of need help from the "personal trainer" perspective. I need a routine built for me (I like the one I tweaked and posted earlier, open to suggestions) and I have no problem throwing in conditioning... just need to know some examples (or where to look, google is an appropriate response lol) and how to apply those examples to my current routine.
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