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Originally Posted by Glight View Post
Standing strict shoulder press. I'll try to find a video right now.

What is yours?

Put all your numbers into and it will show you where each of your lifts are in comparison to averages of people your own size who lift.

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Good question. I've never performed a standing shoulder press; I usually perform the seated military press. My strict military press max is unknown, but I can toss around 200 lbs. pretty easily (..usually 4 x 10 reps). I'm going to start going up in weight though.

I think that I'm going to try a standing shoulder press to see where I'm at. I'm guessing that it's in the 175 range. Per the website you suggested, it stated:
  • Bench press: 347 lbs. estimated 1RM (Elite)
  • Squat: 486 lbs. estimated 1RM (Elite)
  • Deadlift: 441 lbs. estimated 1RM (Advanced)
  • Overhead press (seated): 218 lbs. estimated 1RM (Elite)

I used the elite figure for the Bench/Squat/Overhead press number because I can already lift the weight estimated in the advanced column. I chose advanced for the deadlift number because I have already exceeded the intermediate number. The estimates were based on being able to bench 335 lbs., squat 350 lbs., deadlift 350 lbs. and shoulder press 200 lbs. I considered using my 460-ish lb. 1RM on the squat from 07', but I haven't squatted more than 375 lb. since I began my program, and I'm unsure if I could do 460 lbs. today.
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