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Originally Posted by Tauce says View Post
Do you consider how destructive it is to the market with Google trying to drop the bottom out of pricing? The only reason they're doing this is because the Nexus line doesn't sell well but if that changes you're going to have pissed off Android partners with no margin and thus no ability to develop great new products. Pretty soon Samsung is going to own the entire ecosystem. Google is ensuring that margins stay razor thin. They're going to have to cut manufacturers in on their profits from content and advertising. A race to the bottom does not excite me.
I don't think they're artificially lowering prices. I think some of the other manufacturers are artificially keeping prices inflated. Considering the speed with which the technology is advancing and with which new models are coming out, I think manufacturers are perfectly capable of producing great phones that don't need to be $700 without a contract.

I like that Google has given people the opportunity not to be bound to carriers in return for a discount. When customers can come and go as they please, maybe providers will start offering better service and support.

Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Most people sign that contract without a second thought. So a Nexus 4 is $299. An iPhone 5 is $199. An S3 is $99. OTD prices.
That's the problem. That's the reason why we went from $5 internet to $30 internet to $20 for 200 mb and $30 for 3gb and why we may get even worse deals and service in the future. Because people don't think when they sign the contract. But who can blame them? It's not like they had much choice. Now they might.

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